Ms. Beach

Name: Kim Beach 

Position/School: 7-12 special ed and middle school social studies 

I grew up in (town where you were raised): MN and SD 

Family (you can also include pets): Alli and Eric, Bobby and Courtney 

Education: Bachelors: Dakota Wesleyan - history, psychology and special education     Masters: Northern State University - secondary administration 

What makes you MV proud? The MV School staff working in a variety of ways to best assist the students in overcoming challenges in order for them to be successful.

What was your first job? Dairy Queen at the junction of HWY 34 and 37

What’s your favorite family tradition? Anytime I am able to spend with my kids

What is a skill you would love to learn? I wish I would have never given up playing the piano. I haven’t played since I was in high school.