Mrs. Deinert

Name: Darcy Deinert 
Position/School: Physical Education/Health Teacher and Coach 
I grew up in (town where you were raised): I grew up in Mitchell, SD 
Family (you can also include pets):  Husband Terry Deinert Sons:  Cameron, Tate and Rylee
Education:  I graduated high school from Mitchell and graduated college from NSU in Aberdeen, SD.  
What makes you MV proud?  I love being part of a loving community that takes care of each other.  
What was your first job?  When I was in high school, I coached softball at the Park and Rec and worked at grocery store on the weekends.  
What is your favorite movie?  Temple Grandin - it is about how an autistic girl that rises to meet challenges and overcomes prejudice to become a successful husbandry expert.  Temple reminds us that we may be different but not less.